MagChloride Truth

Why This Site?

We Care about Stopping Wildfires

For nearly 60 years, Perimeter Solutions has supported the USDA Forest Service and other fire management organizations around the world in battling wildfires – helping them to save property and lives.

We are passionate about minimizing the devastating impact wildfires have. That’s why we continually introduce innovations into our PHOS-CHEK® fire retardant products. Fighting wildfires is too important to use outdated, or inferior technology.

Science must guide decision-making in the fire safety industry to help firefighters to do their jobs better.

The research shared on this site provides context on why phosphates are the chemistry of choice for effective fire retardant technology, and why magnesium chloride should only be used to clear ice off highways and not dropped from airplanes to protect you or your home from wildfire.

Everyone wants options.
New choices are great.

When it comes to firefighting though, you have to make sure those choices are the right ones. At Perimeter Solutions, we understand the challenges you face. And we’re committed every way and every day to earning your trust.