MagChloride Truth


From the Factory to the Fire

If Perimeter Solutions is called on to support wildland firefighting efforts, we can get needed PHOS-CHEK fire retardant anywhere in North America within eight hours.

This is a capability that can’t be matched by others in the industry. We have spent years developing relationships with the USFS and other fire management agencies to learn the best ways to work with them and to help them address the top challenges they face fighting wildfires.

We have also worked to create the infrastructure that makes this possible – building manufacturing sites in key locations and establishing supply and distribution points at airbases throughout North America and at locations around the world.

Keeping Equipment and People Safe

All PHOS-CHEK fire retardants are easy to store and ship, and contain additives to protect handling, mixing and delivery hardware from corrosion as well as metals with which the retardant comes into contact.

PHOS-CHEK can be stored at ambient temperatures – which reduces costs and improves operational flexibility.

Unmatched Solutions Provider

Organizations work with Perimeter Solutions because they know we understand what it takes to get fire retardant from the factory into aircraft battling wildfires. Our solutions include retardants, equipment, logistics support and services.

Testing products in a lab and getting them listed on the USFS Qualified Products List is one thing. To become a valued partner in wildfire protection, you need experience, established industry relationships, and the infrastructure in place to support a global effort.