MagChloride Truth

When Lives Are At Stake,
What You Do Matters

Every year, wildfires around the world have a devastating impact on people, property, infrastructure, and the environment. On a human level, we’re talking heartbreak, billions of dollars spent, a hotter, more dangerous world and, yes – people’s lives.

This website was created to address some of the important issues we all need to consider in developing, choosing and deploying fire retardant technologies. We want to establish an open and ongoing dialogue with everyone who has a stake in this mission.

Magnesium chloride fire retardants are not new

In 2021, a new magnesium chloride-based fire retardant was granted conditional qualification on the USFS Qualified Products List. The makers of the product touted their solution as “new” and “innovative”. The reality is that the use of magnesium chloride as a fire retardant has been researched for more than 80 years, and this research has determined that ammonium phosphate and other chemical technologies are more effective than magnesium chloride as a fire retardant.

Phosphate-based fire retardants have been proven tops in effectiveness for over 80 years

The efficacy of ammonium phosphate-based fire retardants has been reconfirmed by multiple studies since 1940. Today, they are evaluated on a broad range of parameters from retardant capability to deployability, and environmental impact.

Magnesium chloride-based fire retardants have serious drawbacks

Magnesium chloride as a chemistry has shown to have damaging effects on the environment, infrastructure and equipment we use to deploy them. There are reasons its use is discontinued or banned. 

We’re passionate about fire safety

For nearly 60 years, the people of Perimeter Solutions have been working alongside fire safety agencies and the men and women who make sacrifices to protect all of us. Our entire business is organized to make that effort safer and more effective.

Why it matters

The impact of wildfires on society is broader than you may think – and growing. Check out this infographic that reviews what is happening.

Everything you wanted to know about fire retardants

For an in-depth view of the history, chemistry and the future of wildfire fighting, check out this new whitepaper.